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  • The Tidy Girl Sweater is perfect for those cold chilly spring and summer evenings, heather grey with soft pink flock front design and the tidy girl logo on the back. Men will want to cuddle you in this (says DJ Jean who had a hit with The Launch in the mid 90’s.)

    XS – 34′ / S – 36′ / M – 40′ / L – 44′ / XL – 48′ / XXL – 52

  • Tidy Girl Hoodie Dress top, long fit to wear with jeans, leggings, casual joggers or why not be daring and wear nothing underneath.
    The purple looks great with it’s white flock felt Tidy Girl script design.

    This flattering, longline hoodie top looks lush in 3 great colours – what more could a girl ask for out of a hoodie

    XS – 8 / S – 10 / M – 12 / L – 14 / XL – 16

  • The official tidy 20 retro badge design looks fantastic in FLURO PINK on the heather grey girls hoodie shirt. The Pink logo matches the inset hood and neck cord. – high street quality and design. Wear with pride during Tidy’s 20th year.

    BADGE LOGO TEXT: Music For The Harder Generation / Tidy Til I Die / Tidy Trax / England / Est 1995 / For The UK’s Finest Hard House

  • For fans of Amadeus Mozart’s Weekender Worries here is the Official Cindy Circle Mug – she is a dirty slut and everyone knows it.
    The hand drawn character by Flash Harry and his mum was drawn using coloured pencils he got for Christmas 2005
  • NEW – The new Tidy padded jacket was one of the most sort after products at the Tidy 20 Weekender, a firm favourite with DJs and clubbers this light weight yet warm padded jacket is so nice that some of the tidy staff war them indoors. The fluorescent lime and black contrasting jacket has lots of great features, it keeps you cosy, shaped to fit, likes windy days, loves the odd shower and is smart phone friendly.


    Size – XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL (36″, 38″, 41″, 44″, 46″, 48″)

  • The Love Tidy Mug is for people who love Tidy (Simple). If you want to impress friends at work or need to add new life to your dull beige mug tree at home then the new Tidy mug is perfect. Hot drinks always taste better in a Tidy Mug says Paul Maddox
  • TIDY XX The 20th Birthday Party Featuring the Tidy Boys final ever set. MAIN TICKET –  THE INSTITUTE – BIRMINGHAM – 26TH SEPTEMBER  10pm – 5am
    Join us to celebrate the landmark 20th birthday of one of world’s most iconic cult clubbing brands.
    On Saturday 26th September 2015 we invite the entire Harder Generation to Keep it Tidy as we get set for one of the biggest club parties the Tidy brand has ever thrown.
    With 4 rooms of Hard Dance Music featuring the biggest key artists from throughout Tidy’s illustrious 20 year history, plus a 4 hour set from the Tidy Boys who officially hang up their headphones with their final ever live DJ performance.

    Til Tears Do Us Part – from the Tidy Boys

    THIS IS A PAPER TICKET and will be sent in the post – your ticket includes exclusive TidyXX lanyard.

    Venue address: 78 Digbeth High Street, Birmingham B5 6DY.

  • The infamous Heavens Cry ‘Til Tears Do Us Part’ features on our first Tidy Track title t-shirt – Summer yellow ladies fitted shirt with distressed retro vinyl design which also features the track catalogue number 158T



    for their final gig in Brighton on the Tidy 20 Birthday Tour @ Komedia
    Tidy Boys – 2 hour set
    Sam Townend 
  • NEW – Tidy 20 Classic Heritage badge design

    This blue Tidy Draw String Bag is one of the nicest things in the world. It’s perfect for all occasions – its light, bright and fun. If you’re going to the gym, the beach, to a festival or visiting an elderly relative this bag is essential. Wear the new Tidy 20 heritage badge with pride.

  • Exclusive and you shouldn’t really have one –  here is your chance to get an official AAA (Access All Areas) band – Cannot be used at any other event – for souvenir use only.



  • The official tidy 20 retro badge design looks fantastic in white on this lush black shirt. No Fruit of The Loom shite here – high street quality and design. Wear with pride during Tidy’s 20th year.

    BADGE LOGO TEXT: Music For The Harder Generation / Tidy Til I Die / Tidy Trax / England / Est 1995 / For The UK’s Finest Hard House.

    choose size before adding to cart

  • As worn by Amadeus (Tidy Boys) on the final set of the Tidy20 Weekender – The new HARDER GENERATION Sweatshirt, unisex fit with a soft flock logo lettering. The back features the Tidy Logo in the nape of the neck..
    The Tidy office staff have been fighting over these – when you touch and feel them you will know why.

    XS – 34′ / S – 36′ / M – 40′ / L – 44′ / XL – 48′ / XXL – 52

  • LOST YOURS – NEED A REPLACEMENT or do you just want a mint version. –  here is your chance to get an official tidy 20 lanyard  – Cannot be used at any other event – for souvenir use only.



    • Metal Design
    • Black De-Bossed Logo
    • Fits all shopping trolly coin slots
    • Tested by Andy Whitby and His mum
  • The official Tidy 20 keyring, double sided in blue, plink and white rubber – lightweight and makes even the dullest set of keys look attractive. If you don’t own the tidy 20 keyring then you stink.



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  • BK presents his latest artist album: Kollaborations 2!  12 years after the release of his first massive Kollaborations album, one of the true pioneers of Hard House once again teams up with some of the biggest names in the scene to bring you the long awaited follow up.

    1. BK – Intro
    2. BK & Fergie – Dutch Courage
    3. BK, Steve Hill & Knuckleheadz – Fire Burning
    4. BK & Andy Farley – FQ
    5. BK & Ilogik – Real Life
    6. BK – Baby Rock
    7. BK & Steve Hill – Temptation
    8. BK & Razbo – Stud 100
    9. BK & Sam Townend – Drop To Your Knees (BK’s SLAM! Remix)
    10. BK & Lucy Fur – Get Hot
    11. BK & JP & Jukesy – Es Lo Que Es
    12. BK & Wayne Smart – I Found It
    13. BK & Ben Stevens – Nation
    14. BK & Joe Longbottom – Check This Out
    15. BK & Adam M – Like This
    16. BK & Rob Tissera – So Good

  • RESONATE returns, the long awaited volume 7 is here
    The Brutal Sound of Hard Trance is back and mixed by Technical & NG Resonance



  • Disc 1: Mixed by Andy Farley
    1. Wizard – One More Time
    2. BK, Steve Hill & Knuckleheadz – Fire Burning
    3. Little Jon – Demons
    4. Andy Farley & Gary O’Connor – What’Zap
    5. Matt Clarkson – Are You Ready
    6. Wizard – Let Loose
    7. Soylent Green – Clickbait
    8. Anagramatic – Vibe
    9. The Freak Brothers – Divas To The Dancefloor
    10. Andy Farley & James Devlin – Ant-Em-Ic
    11. Valex – Hot & Sexy
    12. Dark Element & Kieran Browne – Nuttaz
    13. Jody 6 – You Got Me Turning
    14. Mike Taylor – Haymaker
    15. DJ’s Inc – Who Do
    16. Kevin Byrne – Cypher
    17. Hard Jeli – Dirt Droid
    18. Andy Farley & Frank Farrell – Rupha & Tupha

    Disc 2: Mixed by Ben Stevens
    1. BK & Sam Townend – Drop To Your Knees (BK’s Slam Remix)
    2. Tom Parr – No One Will Do (Ben Stevens Remix)
    3. Matt Clarkson & Jay Lowe – Soldiers
    4. DDT – Sensation
    5. Ben Stevens – The Machine
    6. Forbidden Friends – Get It Together
    7. Wayne Smart – The A Line
    8. Ben Stevens – Into The Future
    9. BK & Ben Stevens – Nation
    10. Random But Raw & Dave Owens – Stop Talk
    11. The Freak Brothers – Ready To Ride (Exclusive VIP Hoover Mix)
    12. Mumbles – Essex Mug
    13. Ben Stevens – Trouser Snake
    14. The Pandemics – Ebola
    15. Wayne G – Take That
    16. Wayne Smart & Hilly – Superstar
    17. Ben Stevens – Squeeze (Tom Parr Remix)
    18. Mumbles & Ben Stevens – Hypnotise
    19. Roosta & Mumbles – On Ya Feet

    Disc 3: Mixed by Adam M
    1. Captain Tinrib – The Kraken (NWA 2014 Remix)
    2. Forbidden Friends – Mindshift
    3. The Pandemics – Scarlet Fever
    4. Kirsty Lee James & Selina Jayne – SKandalous
    5. Aaron James – Bones
    6. Batten & Brow – The Swamp Thing!
    7. Mystery Machine – Scooby Snack
    8. Ben Scott & Ken Slater – The Chosen
    9. James Nardi Feat SJ – Nightbreed (The Forbidden Remix)
    10. Mumbles & DDT – Pick N Mix
    11. BK & Ilogik – Real Life “again”
    12. Matt Clarkson & Jay Lowe – Rapture
    13. Mike Taylor – Afterburn
    14. Paul Glazby – Rough ‘N’ Tough (Adam M Remix)
    15. Little Miss Natalie – Taboo
    16. Adam M & Ken Slater – Fisted
    17. Hilly – Real Fucking Good
    18. Cupra – Futurism

  • Exclusive Tidy CD single Mystery packs contain 5 classic releases – but which ones? could be Signum, could be TDV, could be Ingo, could be Hydrologic – could be all 5?

    Various titles – randomly picked – exciting surprise or bitter disappointment guaranteed – SPECIAL SALE PRICE £6.00


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